Our Services

Personal training north east

The actual exercise part of personal training is simply having a fully qualified instructor guiding and motivating you in order to achieve your desired results but as the name would suggest it is different for every client and tailored to his or her individual requirements. The experience, qualifications and personality of our trainers will mean that you have a varied workout to keep things interesting whilst still targeting your specific needs. Your relationship with your personal trainer will mean that they know you and your body – what your limits are and what optimum work rate is. Combined with our state of the art body monitoring equipment and detailed record keeping you will be able to track your progress in terms of fitness, strength and body composition. You can also challenge our clients with in-house challenges for fitness and strength to see how you compare.

Nutrition Consultancy Newcastle

You are what you eat and you get out what you put in! Monitoring your intake and understanding what and when to eat and drink can make a huge difference to your strength, stamina and obviously body shape and size, but as importantly it sharpens the mind. This in turn helps you work harder towards reaching your goals and so it goes around and around. Our aim is to raise awareness to current diet patterns, come up with suggestions to improve (and detox if necessary) and track and monitor progress. This can be included as part of your personal training sessions at no extra cost.



Group Training session newcastle

We also offer training for groups of 2, 3 and 4 participants. You will still get the same professional guidance, motivation and attention to detail from our trainers and but can share the cost with others. We charge an extra £5 per person per session which goes towards the extra equipment, session planning and record keeping required but still offers a great personalised fitness session. We do ask that the group leader be the sole point of contact and responsible for bookings and payment.


Sports Massage Therapy gosforth

Addressing muscle, tendon and ligament injuries is about the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body.
Through the use of case specific exercises and some sports massage therapy we aim to relieve any strains or tension built up during physical activity to guard against future injury as well to help the body recover faster.
We have a sports massage treatment room in our studio or it can be done as part of your personal training session should you require some attention.